Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Year or 52 Weeks


So I do WeVerb 11 and then drop off of the face of the earth. To be quite honest, 2012 has been one big blur. It has gone so quickly that even I am amazed that the year is almost half over.

I decided that I wanted to do a 101 things in 1001 days list starting on January 1 of this year. One of my goals was to write on this blog once per week every week for a year. I figure that's 52 weeks, right? I thought I would start at a nice easy date, but why wait? Why not start now? I've been loving having a 101 in 1,001 days list because it's kept me honest and really given me things to think about and strive for.

This blog has often been hard for me to keep up because I am a fairly private person. I am also the most "Never let them see you sweat" type. Depending on who you are, I'd rather die then let you know that I am not doing well. I think that it comes from the fact that I inherently don't trust most people to be kind. I guess that's for another post.

The past TWO (I want to cry just writing that) years have had a lots of ups and mostly downs in the area of career and personal development for me. This blog will still mostly focus on that as well as other things that affect career and personal growth in one's 30's.

I may not always have a topical post and it might just be things I'm spewing, but I am going to make sure to write things here.

So far 2012 has meant the following:

-toying with starting my own project/business. I'll  be the first to say that I am not really into this idea, but I think I may need another post as to why I think this way. I'm not sure if I don't like the idea because I am afraid or because I really don't like the idea. Part of me thinks I lack the vision that an entrepreneur really needs.

-lots of travel. When I contemplate major life changes I like to run away. Jim, my husband (not his real name) has been pretty supportive about everything including this.

Here's to hoping that I can keep up with my goal. Yay for Week #1!

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