Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brain Dump - 1.5.11

I usually don't just write random things, but in an effort to engage with this blog more regularly, I thought I would just write what I am thinking/what's going on. I'm calling it a Brain Dump. :)

1. The only jobs I am currently finding that are remotely interesting to me are in DC. I have always knows that DC is a good place for me: someone who has a law degree and an interest in policy/government, writing, etc. D.C. is the land of people with law degrees (and who often don't use them), so there would be lots of opportunities for me there. D.C. is also probably the only place where Jim (my husband, not his real name) and I can agree to move, except we don't want to move. I LOVE where we live, and Jim's job is really tied to living in New York. You can kinda do his job elsewhere but not really. We would most likely have to leave the country, which I actually would love as well (other than NY, I would be at a loss as to where to live). Either way, since Jim is not keen on the idea of having a long distance marriage (I wonder why not), I guess I am only applying to jobs in New York.

2. I am learning how to practice the idea of "Release" What I mean by that is letting the Universe/God/Whatever deity or force you believe in do the work for you. One of the things that I need to be more mindful of is letting go and letting things work our for themselves. I think the reason why I am so bad at this is because I am quite impatient (although technically having not having a steady job for about a year can really do that to a person). Either way, I need to let go, and let things fall into place where they can. I just wish it wasn't taking so darn long. :)

3. People need to mind their own reproductive business. No, I don't have children yet, and it is really none of your business whether I want them, are currently trying to have them or are pregnant. Mind your own business. I'm not talking to you all, lovely readers, just others who seems to think this is something that I want to discuss with them. I'm getting to the point where I am going to wholesale go off on someone and get ghetto fab in their face, and I really don't want to do that. :)

Happy Wednesday!